Spring Update

Work is progressing rapidly and The Gathering Place is taking shape! The beautiful flooring has been installed. The kitchen has a special epoxy floor that is now complete. The custom stainless steel elements for the commercial kitchen have been installed, and appliances will be delivered soon. Overhead lighting has been […]

Winter Update

Slowly, but surely, construction continues. Now that the heating system is in place, the dry walling can move forward. The commercial kitchen equipment is on order. And the pavers for the patio have been delivered! Thanks to all who continue to help make The Gathering Place a reality. connect. celebrate. […]

Board Members

We are excited to announce the members of the board who will integrate the needs of the community and develop the guidelines and plans for The Gathering Place. Thank you all!

The Building is Up!

We have a Gathering Place structure! The largest parts of the building project are complete. Now we can work on drywall, painting, furnishings, and many other smaller details. We are also in the process of creating The Gathering Place Board of Directors. With more excellent applicants than spots on the […]

You’re Invited!

The Gathering Place is becoming a reality and we are excited to show you! All are invited for a tour on Sunday, May 15th at 12:00pm. Come see the space and visualize all the great events and gatherings that will be held there. The pump house will also be open […]

Framing Going Up

We’re getting to the fun part! Infrastructure like the fire suppression system may be necessary, but seeing the framing of The Gathering Place start to go up is fun. Extensive planning and preparations, disrupted by a pandemic, make it all the more satisfying to see the recent progress on the […]

March Update

No prospect is so frightening to an island community as the threat of fire. So when plans for The Gathering Place were being drawn up, it was obvious that a commercial building with full kitchen facilities and accommodations for 200 people would need extra special fire protection. After 2 ½ […]

November Update

The Gathering Place construction began in earnest last month. The water storage tank was poured, the pump house construction is about to begin, and PSE will be working at the site to install a transformer and electric box. In early November, we are taking on the next critical task: the […]

October Update

The island’s annual ferry dry dock is over. Foundations for the water reservoir and new pump house for The Gathering Place’s fire suppression system have been dug. Waiting for the cement trucks now.

September Update

Progress! This week with major mowing/cutting of the ground behind the cemetery, where the Pump House and Water Reservoir Tank will be, preparations begin for laying the pipe and digging foundations. While we are in Dry Dock, waiting for the time when pipes and concrete trucks can be moved to […]