The Gathering Place is a project of the Lummi Island Congregational Church, a non-profit organization. All pledges and donations are tax deductible. You can learn more about the church at


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TGP Board
Allan Bredy, Claudia Eilers, Robert Keller, Lisa Machalski, Michele Morrissey, David Parker, Tom Philpot, Rebecca Rettmer, Lisa Wochos

TGP Steering Committee
James Addington, Rhayma Blake, Doug Carlson, Cheryl Hood, Jamie Kepros, Jane Phillips, Jo Philpot, Tom Philpot, Rebecca Rettmer, Mike Skehan, Lisa Wochos, Lynn Young

LICC Co-Moderators
Rhayma Blake
Laurie Rye

LICC Pastor
Rev. Jamie Kepros