November Update

The Gathering Place construction began in earnest last month. The water storage tank was poured, the pump house construction is about to begin, and PSE will be working at the site to install a transformer and electric box.

In early November, we are taking on the next critical task: the large two-trunked cedar at the southeast end of the parking lot is being removed.

As plans were drawn up and submitted to the county, considerations for parking setback, septic setback, shoreline run-off mitigation narrowed the options for the actual building site. When the foundation is dug for The Gathering Place, it will cut into the roots of this tree.

 We have been in consultation with an Arborist as well as a professional Forester about options, and both have concluded the tree needs to come out, as it will be a major safety hazard once the roots are compromised.

This has been a difficult but necessary decision as we are committed to disturbing as little of the natural surroundings as possible. It is our intention to repurpose the wood from this tree for fencing on the site and benches and other potential uses. We hope to see the smaller cedar trees behind this one flourish now as well.

We appreciate your support of this endeavor and The Gathering Place! 

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