July Update

The final fire tank permit is now in hand and scheduling is in process for pouring the water tanks, constructing the pump house and installing the electrical hookups. Early signs of activity will include installation of underground pipe in the back of the church parking lot. Please note that once it begins, there may be a fence or barrier erected which will restrict access to the beach for visitors for a period of time. If scheduling goes as planned, this work could begin in the next four weeks. Current long-range estimates are that once the tank and pump house construction begins, it will take approximately three months to complete. Factors that could delay completion include the frequency of inspection requirements and availability of county inspectors, as well as any additional unforeseen COVID-19 delays. Construction of the primary building will likely begin after the first of the year.

This project has been a real “Practice in Patience” for our community for the past two years; and world events continue to have an impact on our careful planning! But rest assured – we persist in moving forward on The Gathering Place for Lummi Island – Connect. Celebrate. Serve.

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